Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All Natural Haroset

My husband may this recipe a few years ago as his version on Haroset and I love it.  It is so delicious I could eat it all year round, but he only makes it for me during passover.  So I learned the recipe and now I can make it myself.  Just like everything else I cook, it is super easy. 

Start with your ingredients. Apples, dates and figs are the staple, then I added raisins, walnuts, almond slivers, and sunflower seeds.  Really any nuts/seeds combo works. 

Step 1: 
Dice up all your ingredients and throw them in a bowl or container 

Step 2: 
Add Spices: 
2 small dashes of cayenne pepper
Cover ingredients with cinnamon 
a few dashes of Ginger Powder
a few dashes of salt

Step 3: 
Coat with honey and put in about a 1/4 cup of red wine, any open bottle will do :) 

Step 4: 
Place lid on container and shake it up 
Let the Haroset sit over night and it is ready to eat. 


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